What to Expect when Visiting

We are a conservative Fundamental Independent Baptist Church holding to the principle doctrines and practices of New Testament Christianity.  We believe the Bible is God’s complete revelation to mankind and is the sole and final authority for all faith and practice.

 Because we believe the Biblical model of a church is independent and autonomous, we practice self-government of our own affairs.  Jesus Christ is our head and the Bible is our Constitution.  Although we whole-heartedly cooperate and fellowship with other independent Baptist churches of like-faith and practice, we do not belong to any denominational organization or submit to any man-made hierarchy of authority. 

In addition to exercising self-government, we do not endorse or consider ourselves “affiliated with” any para-church organizations.  Although we may choose to utilize materials that para-church organizations supply or may support missionaries affiliated with clearing houses or

missions board, we do so without acting as an affiliate or placing ourselves under the authority of that organization.

We are delighted to have visitors in any of our services. We want you to feel like an honored guest. Here are a few common questions and answers about visiting Berean Baptist Church that will help you enjoy your first visit:

Will the roof fall in?

Absolutely not. In fact, several visitors said this was going to happen when they came, but we are happy to report that the roof is still standing strong! If you are still concerned about this happening, just call ahead to warn us so we can clear out the building before you enter!

What should I wear?

This is probably the most common question. We want you to feel welcome. A specific attire is not required, and our members wear a variety of styles of clothing. We think it makes sense to wear nice, clean, modest clothing to church. As long as you do that you will not feel out of place.

Do you have a nursery?

Yes. Nursery is provided during all services for children under 3 years of age.

What are your services like?

Our services are what is commonly called “traditional.” The worship music primarily is great hymns of the faith We do have special music from members of the congregation on a weekly basis. The focus of all of our meetings is the Word of God. Generally, we will have several hymns, prayer, an offering, and then a message from the Bible.

Do visitors have to stand up and say anything?

No, you sure don’t. We will give you a visitor’s card and ask you to drop it in the offering plate so we can have a record of your visit. Pastor will acknowledge your attendance in order to allow our people the opportunity to give you a warm welcome.

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